Five Tips for Outdoor Upkeep

Regular checks around the house both indoors and outdoors will lead to longer preservation of the condition of your home. It is important that you give the same attention and care to the outside of your home as you do to the inside of it. Here are five tips to keep in mind the next time you plan a day of spring-cleaning or home repair.


It is important to check that your gutters remain firmly attached. Fix any loose gutters and check for leakage. A lose gutter will lead to mold and mildew formation resulting in damage to the roof and walls. Gutters need regular cleaning of any leaves or debris that may have collected in them over time, in order to facilitate a clear and free flow of water. Replace or repair any cracked gutters with the help of a technician, as soon as possible to avoid damage to your home.

Doors & Windows

Make sure to check for and fix leaks and drafts found near the corners of doors and windows. Peeling or chipped paint are a good indication of doors and windows that need repair or caulking or weather-stripping replacement. Drafts coming into your home lead to inefficient operation of air conditioning or heating systems. Fix drafts as soon as possible to save energy and promote the efficient running of indoor temperature systems.


Regular pool maintenance in Perth will increase the efficiency of its circulation system and reduce chlorine usage. Regularly use a hand or leaf skimmer net to remove leaves, insects and other debris found on the surface of the water. Vacuuming the surface each week will also help to keep the water clean. Brush the wall and tiles thoroughly by using an appropriate brush or pumice stone and remember to clean out the strainer basket
s regularly as well when cleaning the rest of your pool.


Check your ceiling for wet spots and peeling paint or hire a professional to search for and fix any damages on your roof. Damaged roof shingles need to be either repaired or replaced to avoid leaking or indoor flooding. Do not forget to check for damage caused by termites in the wood sections of the roof and if you find such damage seek the help of a professional to take care of it.


Be open to the fact that you cannot handle all of the work around your house by yourself, especially if serious damage has occurred to parts of your house. Be willing to hire the right professionals for the job, whether it is hiring pest control for a termite infestation on your roof, pool maintenance services for broken pumps and heater servicing, or technicians for fixing or replacing loosened or cracked gutters.

Regularly cleaning, repairing and checking for early signs of damage or corrosion will lessen repair and replacement costs as well as add to the preservation of your home for generations to come.