Everybody needs a break in their life, a break from their daily routine, a break which they can enjoy with their family or friends to cherish for rest of their lives and if this brief break brings you closer to nature it gives you a different kind of inner calmness altogether. Nature works like a remedy in difficult or depressing situations, be it a hilly mountain, lush green land or a smoothly flowing water. Port Stephens is a port which offers exotic tours between nelson bay and tea garden seven days a week. These tours allows visitors to see dolphins closely and to enjoy the panoramic view of the bay.

Port Stephens:

Port can be defined as a harbour of a city or a town from where ships or boats loads and unloads. Some ports are made just for transfer purposes that is to load stuff from one harbour and unload it on another and vice versa. But some ports are built on such mesmerizing sites that they not only loads and unloads stuff but also allows the visitors to visit the beautiful Bluewater.

Similarly, Port Stephens is a port located at the Nelson bay and Tea gardens. They allows the visitors to enjoy the panoramic view of Bluewater wonderland. Their ferry services or in other words boat services runs daily that is seven days a week. Their ferry services runs between nelson bay and tea gardens which on their way allows the visitors to enjoy the view along with the informative commentary. Moreover, the dolphins on the way are like cherry on the cake which are their to lighten your mood.

Dolphin tours:

Dolphin tours are one of the most loved tours by visitors from across the globe as dolphins are most loved and friendly mammals. They are nearly as intelligent as human beings, they recognize people and plays with them. When dolphins are visited in their natural habitat, they are the friendliest and loveliest creatures. Many islands, towns and cities offers dolphin tours. One of such port is known as port Stephens which offers dolphin tours on mesmerizing waterscape and allows their visitors to play with them and to provide them with dolphin food. Hence, if people wants to take a brief break from their work then what can be better than the dolphin tour at exotic Bluewater.


People tent to take little time out of their daily routine to enjoy with their family and friends. Some people are more profound to nature and prefers to visit natural sites such as dolphin tours. For such tour ports are made at the harbour of town or cities who runs ferry services and allows the visitors to visit the waterscape and enjoy the dolphin tours. Dolphin tours are quite popular because dolphins are unusually friendly mammals and loveliest creatures. One such port which offers ferry services, takes visitors to dolphin tours and allows them to visit beautiful waterscape is known as Stephens port.